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Telemetr io API

Access to analytical indicators of more than 1,8 million Telegram channels for your application or service.

Extensive Database

The extensive database, encompassing over 1.8 million channels in 7 languages covering various themes and interests, serves as a crucial resource for precise audience targeting and the development of advertising campaigns.

Massive Message Archive

By gaining access to over 65 billion messages from channels and chats, you can effectively identify and track trends, explore user behavior, interests, and past interactions, as well as generate accurate statistical reports for analyzing changes over time.

AI Moderation

Utilizing moderation tools based on artificial intelligence, reduces manual moderation efforts, allowing moderators to focus on more complex cases.

New Channel Discovery

The automatic detection of newly created channels becomes a valuable tool for companies and brands aiming to remain competitive.

AI Advertise Messages Detection

The use of artificial intelligence to identify advertising messages enables the analysis of their interaction with the audience, facilitating cost optimization.

Channel Mentions

Tracking mentions of channels within the service allows for adapting marketing strategies and maximizing their effectiveness.

Dynamic Message Views

Dynamic analysis of message views over different time intervals provides insights into the popularity of various types of content during different periods.

Global Moderated Catalog

The moderated catalog covering over 85 countries becomes a valuable resource for advertisers and brands for precise targeting and global exploration and analysis of trends.

Channel members gender

Considering the gender distribution of channel participants helps refine marketing strategies and communication, adapting them to the diverse needs and expectations of different groups.