Skip to main content Public API Documentation is a Telegram channel analytics service. Our database includes over 1.8 million active Telegram channels with more than 200 subscribers.

We provide the ability to get data that is available on the website via REST API.

To work with the REST API, you need an access key, which can be generated using the @telemetrio_api_bot bot.

The API is described in OpenAPI v3 (Swagger) format, which allows you to generate a client for almost any programming language.

You can also try the API using SwaggerUI: or RapidDoc: whichever you prefer.

Each user is given a monthly API request limit.

Free plan:

  • 1000 requests per month
  • 5 unique channels
  • 7 days of message history and metrics dynamics
  • Access to Telegram verified channels only

Paid Plans:

For higher limits and access to additional features such as historical data, unverified channels, and priority support, please contact our sales team via Telegram @sales_telemetrio or write to

You can check how many requests and channels you have used with the request /v1/usage/info

Tariff Plans: which one to choose and how much each one costs

5 verified channels50 channels500 channels2,500 channels10,000 channels
1000 requests per month1000 requests per month100,000 requests per month500,000 requests per month2 million requests per month
for 7 days of mentioning the channelfor 30 days of mentioning the channelfor 60 days of mentioning the channelfor 90 days of mentioning the channelall channel mentions
in 7 days, a list of channel publicationsa list of channel publications for 60 daysa list of channel publications for 180 daysa list of channel publications for 365 daysa complete list of channel publications
dynamics of indicators in 7 daysdynamics of indicators in 14 daysdynamics of indicators over 90 daysdynamics of indicators for 180 days♾️ dynamics of indicators

Sales: via Telegram @sales_telemetrio or write to

Available Data

  • Channel search
  • Basic channel information
  • Channel statistics
  • Channel messages
  • Channel subscribers change history
  • Channel messages reach history
  • Dictionaries (languages, countries, categories)

The API is under active development, and new data will be added in the future.

Please send any suggestions for the API to @Telemetrio_Tech


Coming soon:

  • Channel mentions
  • Channel reposts
  • Channel message views statistics
  • ERR change history
  • Channel mentions history
  • Adding a channel

Next iteration:

  • Message media files
  • Search for advertising posts
  • Search for publications


If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

We are always happy to help!